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New Highly Skilled Migrant Programme The Highly Skilled Migrant Programme is now closed to new applicants. If you wish to work in the United Kingdom and are currently outside the United Kingdom or are here under a different immigration category, you should now apply as a highly skilled worker (Tier 1 General) under the points-based system…
PLAB TEST VISA TO THE UK The United Kingdom Government recognizes that medical graduates from overseas may wish to practice in the UK. These graduates must register with the GMC (General Medical Council) before they can practice medicine in the United Kingdom. In order to register with the GMC doctors must first pass the Professional and Linguistic Appraisals Board (PLAB) test which has 2 parts. Doctors who pass this test may be able to then apply to stay in the United Kingdom to undertake a period of clinical attachment…
Postgraduate Doctors and Dentists For entry to the United Kingdom as a postgraduate doctor or dentist, you will need: A UK degree in medicine or dentistry To have spent at least 2 years in the UK studying for your medical or dental degree, and
A letter from the Postgraduate Dean responsible for your training to confirm that you have been offered a full-time place on a Foundation Programme in the United Kingdom
TRAINING AND WORK EXPERIENCE SCHEME TO THE UK Under this scheme (TWES) an employer/company can apply to bring an overseas / non -EU citizen or member of employees to the UK for a limited period of work experience or professional training.
UK Employement – Working in UK Work permits are issued by Work Permits (UK), part of the Home Office’s Border and Immigration Agency. A work permit relates to a specific person and a particular job. The work permit scheme lets UK employers recruit or transfer people from outside the European Economic Area (EEA), while still protecting the interests of resident workers in the UK. Work permits also allow overseas nationals to come to the UK for training or work experience…
UK Work Permit Dependant This section explains if a work permit holder’s dependants are permissible to enter and stay in the UK under their work permit arrangements
Clinical Attachments and Dental Observation This page explains whether you can switch immigration category to undertake a clinical attachment or dental observation post if you are already in the United Kingdom.
If you do not meet the requirements, you will need to leave the United Kingdom to make an application for entry clearance to undertake the clinical attachment or dental observation post. Details of how to make an entry clearance application can be found on the Applying page.
Overseas Qualified Nurses And Midwives This page defines how you can apply to come to the UK as an overseas qualified nurse or midwife to undertake a supervised practice placement or midwifery adaptation scheme.
Some overseas qualified nurses can apply for permission to enter the UK as a work permit holder. You should read the page on who should apply for more details
Application for UK Work Permit Here you can get information about Requirement of documentation. which will help you to make a Work Permit visa application.

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