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The United Kingdom Government recognizes that medical graduates from overseas may wish to practice in the UK. These graduates must register with the GMC (General Medical Council) before they can practice medicine in the United Kingdom. In order to register with the GMC doctors must first pass the Professional and Linguistic Appraisals Board (PLAB) test which has 2 parts. Doctors who pass this test may be able to then apply to stay in the United Kingdom to undertake a period of clinical attachment.

To get PLAB testyou will have to satisfy further criteria other than the basic fundamentals set out by the United Kingdom Immigration Authorities. You will have to show verification of a test date or your eligibility to take the PLAB test.

This PLAB type will usually be granted for up to six months. Though, it may be feasible to get extensions of up to six months at a time with a maximum of 18 months in total. If successful in the PLAB test it may be possible to apply to stay in the UK as a postgraduate doctor or trainee general practitioner to take a clinical attachment or as doctor in a working visa type

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