UK Get an exempt vignette
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UK Get an exempt vignette

An exempt vignette is a permit for foreign nationals who are generally exempt from immigration control, meaning they typically do not need a visa to work in the UK. This includes diplomats, government officials, military officers, etc.

The exempt vignette is printed on your passport. The vignette is only valid for short-term jobs and does not allow you to settle in the UK.

Who Is Eligible for an Exempt Vignette?

To benefit from the exempt vignette you must be:

  • A diplomat or working for a diplomatic mission in the UK who was outside the UK when they were offered the post.
  • A foreign government minister on an official business trip or traveling with one.
  • A member of the Commonwealth or Overseas Territories Armed Forces posted to the United Kingdom or trained in the United Kingdom.
  • A head of state or working for a head of state.
  • A family member of the holder of the exempt vignette.
  • Dependents of members of the Armed Forces.
  • Unmarried partners of exempt diplomats.

How to get an exempt vignette?

You can apply for an exempt vignette on the UK Visa and Immigration Online website. After completing the relevant online visa application, you need to book an appointment at a Visa Application Centre. The earliest date you can apply is three months before you enter the UK. Applications are free and you can receive a response within three weeks. The exempt vignette will be added to your passport. When you enter the UK, you must show it.

Documents required for the exempt vignette

To request the exempt vignette it is necessary to prepare the documents listed:

  • A valid passport or other travel identification document.
  • A passport photo.
  • Documents to confirm your reason for arriving in the UK.
  • Evidence that you will be coming to the UK as part of your work, such as:
  • A letter from the UK or the Foreign Office.
  • Official invitations.
  • Work contract.

Who should request the exempt vignette?

If you are among the following you can apply:

Diplomat or work in a British diplomatic mission and were outside the UK when you got the job.

  • Domestic workers are exempt because the employer is exempt.
  • Minister of Public Affairs in a foreign government,
  • Members of the Commonwealth or Overseas Territories Armed Forces stationed in the United Kingdom or trained in the United Kingdom
  • Before the country or working for the head of state (for example, for state visits)
  • Exemption from immigration control for any other reason
  • Exemption from the support stamp Human relatives
  • Relatives of members of the Armed Forces (excluding relatives of those who participated in Armed Forces training).
  • Unmarried partners of exempt diplomats

How to request an exemption from the vignette

On the visa application form, there is a section dedicated to the exemption sticker. You must complete the corresponding visa application online and make an appointment at the Visa Application Center. The visa center depends on the country you reside in and could be a British embassy or an authorized visa centre.

The earliest date you can apply is three months before entering the UK. The application is free. You should decide within three weeks. An exemption sticker will be added to your passport to show when you enter the UK.

What are the requirements for the exempt vignette?

You must provide:

  • Passport or other travel-related document
  • Passport photo
  • Evidence that you have come to the UK for work purposes (if applicable), such as a sealed letter from the Department of Foreign Affairs or the UK

Who is not subject to British immigration control?

The following individuals are exempt from immigration control in the UK:

  • Foreign royals, heads of state or former heads of state who are welcome persons in the UK for official or private travel, together with:
  • Their relatives (spouses, civil partners), children under 18, and others);
  • Their servants
  • Those formally visiting the British head of state (not journalists or businessmen)
  • Note: the former head of state and his family members are not exempt.
  • Diplomatic, administrative, technical and foreign service personnel and professional consular officers from recognized countries (recognised in the UK) and their relatives:
  • spouses,
  • civil partners,
  • children under 18, etc.

Children aged between 18 and 25 (joining legal adult family members) can only be exempt from the vignette as a family member if they are registered full-time with a British Point System (PBS) approved Tier 4 sponsor to study in the UK. Studies must be completed by the age of 25 at the latest. Their exemption vignette will be granted until they reach 25 years of age or during their studies (whichever is shorter).

Elderly parents: only if they are dependents of diplomats (not in this category), and only if they have no one else to care for besides the diplomats. To be exempt from the obligation, elderly dependent parents must provide:

  • Documents certifying possession of goods and properties in the country of origin;
  • Documents confirming medical status;
  • Information about other children;

Period of dependence on diplomatic information.

UK diplomatic mission staff who have worked outside the UK. Family units such as spouses, cohabitants of citizens and children under the age of 18 are exempt. For them and their families an exempt vignette is granted for a year and a half.

Diplomats travel during transport from the country passing through the UK. Family units such as spouses, cohabitants of citizens and children under the age of 18 are exempt. The sticker exempts him for six months for his family.

Foreign government ministers (or experienced general) (accepted in the UK) officially travel to the UK. The spouse of your family, cohabitants who are citizens, children under 18, etc. are also exempt from the visa. The Bennett exemption is granted for two years for your family.

Foreign workers of international organizations in the UK (hired by the UK), representatives and officials of international organizations traveling officially. The exemption also applies to your family unit (spouse, civil partner, minors under 18, others).

A dependent child aged 18-25 (the family’s excess dependent) is a point based system #40 and level 4 and depends only on the UK study on the sponsor. PBS & # 41; In the UK. His quest must end the last of his eras. Your vignette exemptions are granted on your birthday or 25 year investigative period (whichever is less).

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