Tier 5 Religious Workers
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Tier 5 Religious Workers

UK Tier 5 Visa – Religious Worker

This tier 5 is designed for those religious worker who wish to come UK for Temporary work base. Duties may include preaching, pastoral work and non pastoral work.

In issuing a Certificate of Sponsorship, the sponsor will have guaranteed that you:

  1. are qualified to do the job in question;
  2. do not intend to take employment for the sponsor except as a visiting religious worker or a religious worker in a non-pastoral role;
  3. will only work at the specified location(s), except where working under the supplementary employment provisions;
  4. will not be displacing or denying an employment opportunity to a suitably qualified member of the resident labour force; and
  5. will comply with the conditions of your permission to stay and will leave the United Kingdom when it expires:
    and that they will:
  6. accept the responsibilities of sponsorship for you;
  7. as applicable, support you with funds and/or accommodation that are sufficient for you to maintain yourself throughout the duration of the Certificate of Sponsorship. (Applicants who are unable to support themselves could face financial hardship because they will not have access to most state benefits). 

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