Flights to Hong Kong
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Flights to Hong Kong

Does the UK Frequent Flier Program Work for Flights to Hong Kong?

You will often hear UK travelers boastfully talking about the ‘frequent flier program’ almost as if it were a badge of honour. The purpose of this article is to assess whether the scheme really works for British travelers who are looking for flights to Hong Kong.

  • How do you sign up? When you are booking your flight, make sure that you inquire about the FFP. It is a reward program that allows you to get free flights and upgrades depending on how often you travel. The rationale is that you are a loyal customer who needs to be rewarded with discounts. Consequently UK travelers can get lots of savings such as companion tickets.
  • What about other countries? US airlines have really taken on this programme but it is also very popular in the UK. You can earn air miles through partner agencies but some people prefer to have their discounts clearly defined by a definite amount. There are stories of families who have saved up to £1,000 simply by increasing their rate of travel. If you visit the country on business then it becomes a necessity rather than a luxury.
  • What if I do not fly? Believe it or not…you can earn air miles by simply shopping at member stores. Some of the biggest brands that are involved in this scheme include Target, Apple, Best Buy and Amazon. Try to ensure that you actually buy from them whenever possible and that you inquire about the frequent flyer program. Some of them are so good that they can offer you 4 air miles for each £1 spent. That can go towards paying for air tickets when you need them. 
  • Are there any special offers? Make sure that you sign up to travel related newsletters because they often have specific offers for those people who anticipate that they will be travelling on a fairly regular basis. Alternatively you could go to a specific company website and check for any offers. British Airways is often generous if you catch them at the right time. 

I like the idea of being paid to travel. That is what the frequent flyer program does. It can be used for any destination around the world. All you have to do is watch out for the offers that are regularly made both online and offline.   

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