Tier 5 Government Authorities Exchange
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Tier 5 Government Authorities Exchange

This Tier 5  is designed for those applicants who wants to come to UK through approved schemes that aim to share their knowledge, experience and best practice through work placements, experiencing the wider social and cultural setting of the UK.  It cannot be used to fill job vacancies or provide a way to bring untrained labor to the United Kingdom.

Individual employers and organizations will not be allowed to sponsor migrants, even if they are licensed as sponsors under other tiers or categories of Tier 5.  There will be an overarching body to manage the scheme, which will be the sponsor, who will issue Certificates of Sponsorship.  Any work you undertake must be skilled. You can get more information regarding this visa to look here..

When the overarching body assigns a Certificate of Sponsorship, it will have guaranteed that you:

  1. are seeking entry to the United Kingdom to work or train temporarily here through an approved exchange scheme;
  2. do not intend to establish a business in the United Kingdom; and
  3. meet the requirements of the individual exchange scheme.  

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