Tier 1 Investor
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Tier 1 Investor

Tier 1 Investor

This page explains how you can come to the UK or remain here as an investor under Home office points-based system to come to the United Kingdom.
The investor visa category is designed to allow high net worth individuals make a substantial financial investment in the UK.

Who can apply?
Different home office’s work permit scheme (soon to be replaced by sponsored workers (Tier 2), you do not require a job offer to apply under the investor category. When you apply you are awarded points-based on your capability to invest £1,000,000 in the UK.

You can apply under the investor category now if you are:

  • In the United Kingdom and want to make an initial application as an investor (known as switching);
  • Already in the United Kingdom as a tier 1 investor or as an investor under the former category, and want to extend your permission to stay within the tier 1 investor category;
  • Applying for permission to enter the United Kingdom (known as ‘entry clearance’) under the investor category.

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