Tier 3 Low Skilled Worker

This new tier category is for low skilled workers filling specific temporary labuor shortages, like construction workers for a particular project; which covers low-skilled routes, is suspended and will only be used if specific shortages are identified that cannot be filled from the UK’s domestic or European labour force. The new tiers system will replace existing someUK visas forms such as the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme (SAWS) and the Sectors Based Scheme (SBS) and will grant leave to enter the UK to migrants from countries with which an effective returns arrangement with the UK is in place.

Just like the current UK work permit visa  system, a tier 3 visa application is primarily a company led rocess. Like work permits, companies looking to sponsor workers under the tier 3 visa system will need to attempt to source labour domestically before recruiting from outside the EU. Tier 3 visas are intended to cater for the fluctuating need for low skilled workers throughout the year and will be used in conditions where the Skills Advisory Body defines a shortage area which cannot be filled by the domestic workforce.

English Language Requirement

Because tier 3 visa is a temporary type that’s why it’s difference from the first two tiers as routes to settlement, no standard English language requirement will be imposed. Competency in the language is of more importance to some industries than to others and whilst language skills may be important in an industry such as healthcare, in another such as agriculture they may not be so relevant. To reflect this, the suitable level of English required in any low skilled worker scheme will be determined by the operator of an individual scheme who will also ensure that any migrants brought to the country meet that standard.

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