Tier 2 Skilled Worker
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Tier 2 Skilled Worker

The new category of  tier 2 of the new points based UK immigration service have now replaced UK work permits and applies to medium and highly skilled workers (also called sponsor worker) want to come UK who have an offer from a UK sponsoring company in place. But remember that if you are a Bulgarian or Romanian national, you may need a work permit. It’s a important note for you..

If you are a national of a country outside the European Economic Area or Switzerland, then you must:

  • have a job offer from a licensed sponsor and a valid certificate of sponsorship; and
  • pass the points-based system / assessment.

A tier 2 visa application is an employer led process to fulfill certain responsibilities. but, this visa service have same some elements with tier 1 and the old Highly Skilled Migrant Programme or HSMP, in that a points threshold, in this case 50 points must be required on a skills assessment and a level of proficiency in the English language must be required.

Benefits of Tier 2 Programme

Similar to tier 1 visas, a tier 2 visa application is a route for settlement in the UK and as with the current point base system of the UK, applicants may become eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK (ILR) or permanent residence after 5 years in United Kingdom Beyond this, subject to meeting the requirements for British Naturalization, a applicant may be able to naturalize as a British citizen.

Points for Qualifications

  1. Candidates possessing a PhD = 15 points
  2. Candidates possessing a Masters Degree = 10 points
  3. Candidates possessing a Bachelors Degree = 10 points
  4. Candidates possessing an NVQ3 = 5 points

Prospective earnings

  1. £21,000 + = 20 points
  2. £19,500 – £21,000 = 15 points
  3. £18,000 – £19,500 = 10 points
  4. £15,000 – £18,000 = 5 points

Employer responsibilities

Employers recruiting applicant through the 5 tier immigration service must provide a sponsorship certificate detailing the job title and demonstrating that the salary offered is appropriate for such a position and that the role is at or above NVQ3. The certificate acts as confirmation that a candidate has the intention and necessary skills to fill the specified position.

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