Student Nurse
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Student Nurse

Student Nurse
This type of visa is provided for those who want to study and train as a student nurse or midwife in the UK.
Students will study the high standard of medical practice in the United Kingdom and have the chance to work with advanced technology and drugs. This category is similar to the main Student type and allows the candidate to work for a limited period whilst studying. Extensions can be gained in this category along with the possibility of later switching to a Working Visa category due to the shortage of qualified Nurses and Midwives in the UK.

You will also have to prove that you have been accepted for training at an approved establishment as a student nurse or midwife and that this study will lead to a registered nursing qualification.

Benefit of this Visa:
The advantage of this visa is that you can study in the United Kingdom and also work there. Upon successful completion of your course it may be possible to switch to a working category from within the United Kingdom.

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