Student Visa Letter – Checklist
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Student Visa Letter – Checklist

Visa letter for adult students

The visa letter is an official offer letter which the education provider gives you. You must provide the visa letter with your application form as part of your documents and proof. It shows that you are studying a course (at an acceptable level) with an approved education provider and are able to get 30 points.

The visa letter should contain the following information:

RouteThis should say ‘general student’ or ‘adult student’
You (the student)Your name (as shown on your passport if applicable) Your nationality Your passport or travel document number (optional)
Approved education provider (also known as ‘sponsor’)The education provider’s sponsor licence number The education provider’s address (if different from the letterhead) Contact details for the education provider (if different from the letterhead) The name and address of any partner institution where you will be studying as part of the course The name and address of the overseas higher education institution, if the time you spend in the United Kingdom studying is part of an overseas higher education course
CourseThe course title The academic level of course or qualification you will get when you complete the course (the National Qualifications Framework level or the type of qualification – for example, a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering) The start date (the date you start your main studies, or the date you start an induction or course to prepare you for study if you have an unconditional offer to do your main course) The expected end date The latest date you can join the course (optional) The number of hours per week (optional if studying a full-time degree course that leads to a United Kingdom recognised bachelor or postgraduate degree) The address of your main place of study, if different to the approved education provider’s main address The address of any organisation offering you a work placement, if known and applicable
Money (also known as maintenance)Course fees for the first year, or the length of the course Course fees that you have paid so far (if applicable) Accommodation fees that you have paid so far (if applicable)
Documents used to get the visa letterA list of evidence that your approved education provider used to assess your academic ability to finish the course, which may include: the level or type of your existing qualification (if applicable) the qualification awarding body and/or institution (if applicable) confirmation that an Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) clearance certificate is needed (if applicable)

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