Fulbright Scholarship
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Fulbright Scholarship

Fulbright Scholarship

Education plays a key role in growth of a country. To ensure development of the nation, a network of good educational institutions with qualified and well informed staff is needed. So that their institutions become competent of producing students/researchers who can effectively handle the versatile nature of work required to build a nation. Government has badly felt that need and while assessing the requirements of the newly established public sector Universities established at remote areas, Chairman ECNEC and Chairman HEC stressed at the development of a scholarship scheme particularly designed for the uplift of these public sector institutions, so as to bring them at par with other universities and to fulfill Government promise of providing quality education for all.

Eligibility Criteria
The target groups for the Fellowship Awards under this Programme would be those fulfilling the following basic eligibility criteria:

a) A total of 10% scholarships are reserved for full time, regular employees of Public Sector organization and 90% are on open merit.

b) 80 % Scholarships would be awarded in Engineering, Medicine, Science & Technology and 20% in other fields

c) Master degree or equivalent in any field (16 years education)
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Visa Fee:
The latest Visa Fee of Fulbright Scholarship is totally Gratis for bright students.

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