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Marriage visit visa is for the purpose of visiting the UK to get married and settle down with a person present and settled in the United Kingdom. There are certain requirements, which need to be fulfilled in order to make a successful marriage visa application.

1.    Rules and Regulation:
a.    Intention To Leave
A marriage visitor only needs to create his intention of leaving the UK if there is any probability of the marriage not taking place, which can be done by showing strong financial, social and family ties in his / her home country.
The following documents are normally acceptable to establish strong ties of a person in his / her home country.

  • Evidence of ownership of property
  • Evidence of an established business oversees
  • Evidence that the applicant has got family living in his / her home country.
  • Evidence that the applicant has got memberships of professional bodies or social groups would be sufficient to prove social ties.
  • Bank Statements showing sufficient amount of money.

b.    No Intention to Study
Marriage visa holders are not allowed to study or switch their immigration status to any other status.

c.    Not plan to take employment
The candidate needs to prove that he neither needs to nor intends to take employment whether full time or on a part time basis. Marriage visa is normally issued on the basis of the assumption that the candidates would not take employment during their stay in the UK (except they switch to spouse visa) and if such persons engage themselves in any sort of job whether paid or unpaid, full time or part time then their leave to remain may be shortened by the Immigration Authorities and they may be removed from the country.

d.    No Intention to Produce Goods or Provide Services to public

e.    Able to sustain & accommodate himself and any dependants without recourse to public funds
The candidates need to establish that they can maintain and accommodate without recourse to public funds or any employment. It can be proved by providing sufficient availability of funds either in Bank Statements or by some other form of evidence.

f.    Able to meet the costs of the return or onward journey
It can be confirm by providing sufficient availability of funds either in Bank Statements or by some other form of evidence like purchase of a return ticket.

g.    He must also prove that he has the plan of giving notice of marriage in the UK within the period for which entry is wanted.

h.    He must also provide satisfactory evidence of the arrangements for giving notice marriage or for his marriage ceremony to take place in the UK during the period for which entry is sought.
Booking of marriage halls and invitation cards would be sufficient enough to prove that the above-mentioned requirements have been fulfilled.

2.    Duration of Visa
A marriage visa is normally issued for a maximum period of 6 months.

3.    Work Not Allowed
Marriage visa holders are not allowed to do any sort of work weather paid or unpaid or cannot engage himself or herself in any sort of business. Though, when they get married and obtain leave to remain as spouse of a person present and settled in the UK, there is no restriction on them to take any employment or do any sort of legal business.

4.    Extension of Visa
Immigration rules do not allow any extension of visa for the Marriage visitors while remaining within the UK. However, in cases of pure emergency marriage visitors can certainly apply for an extension of their leave to remain to the Home Office. The Home Office can only approve this type of application if good documents are provided to its contentment in order to exercise discretion in the candidate’s favor. But efforts should always be made to return to the Home country within the given time period as any application for extension of a visit visa in the UK may jeopardize any visa application made from outside the UK in future.

5.    Switching Rules
Since 01st of October 2004, there have been some major changes in the switching rules. Marriage visitors can no longer switch to any other category under the immigration rules. Marriage visitors are normally issued visas on the assumption that they would switch to spouse visa before the expiry of their leave to remain or return before the end of their permitted leave and have not got any other intentions.

6.    Settlement Prospects
Marriage visa holders who get married in the UK and switch to spouse visa can certainly apply for settlement. They would normally be given leave to remain for 2 years as a spouse of a person present and settled in the UK. After two years they can apply for indefinite stay in the UK that leads to nationality after one year.
However, if marriage does not take place, there are no settlement prospects for the Marriage visitors as it is a provisional visa and they are not allowed to switch to any other immigration category that leads to permanent settlement.
It is important to meet all the requirements of this category by appropriate documents in order to qualify for this visa. Sometimes the visa application gets refused due to the lack of a document, which could have simply been obtained. It is therefore advised to give full concentration to even minor details while proceeding with the entry clearance application for this category as you might lose some valuable time to spend with your future life partner!!

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