Child Visitor
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Child Visitor

Child visitors
This page explains what you need to do if you wish to travel to the United Kingdom and you are a person under the age of 18 or if you wish your child to visit the United Kingdom.

To come to the United Kingdom as a child visitor you must be able to show that you:

  •     Meet the general visitor requirements other than those that refer to age and study;
  •     Are under 18 years at the time of your application;
  •     Can show that suitable arrangements are in place for your travel, reception and care and can provide full details of these arrangements;
  •     Have a parent or guardian in your home country who is responsible for your care and can provide their address and landline telephone number; and
  •     If accepted on a course of study, are studying at an establishment that is included on the register of education and training providers and is not state-funded.

In addition, child visitors who are visa nationals must have a valid entry clearance which identifies the adult accompanying the child visitor, or states that the child visitor is unaccompanied. The child visit visa will only be valid if the named adult physically accompanies the child.

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