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Retired Persons of Independent Means

In this provision of the Rules, persons who are retired and have enough income may qualify to enter and establish themselves in the UK. They may not engage in employment in the UK.
Requirements for entry clearance
Prior entry clearance is mandatory

  • Entry clearance as a retired person of independent means may be granted if you are satisfied that the candidate:
  • Is at least 60 years old;
  • Has a minimum yearly income of at least £25,000 under his/her control and disposable in the UK;
  • Is able and willing to maintain and accommodate himself/herself and any dependants indefinitely in the UK from his/her own resources without taking employment, seeking assistance from other persons, or having recourse to public funds;
  • Can demonstrate a close connection with the UK;
  • Intends to make his/her main home in the UK.

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