18 May, 2024

UK spouse visa

If you wish to apply for, extend, or switch to a UK spouse visa for less than 5 years, we can provide you with legal advice and assistance with your UK spouse visa application. Contact us for case evaluation, eligibility requirements, and supporting documents. Our highly experienced immigration lawyers based in Levenshulme, Manchester can provide […]

8 mins read

UK Parental Visa

British citizens who have parents living outside the UK can bring them to the UK through the Parent Visa, which falls under the Family Visa category. A UK family visa is the type of visa you will need if you wish to enter and stay in the UK to live with a family member for […]

11 mins read

UK Child Visa

The Child Visitor Visa has been replaced with the Standard Visitor Visa. The minor visitor category is reserved for children under the age of 18 who wish to come to the UK for a period of up to 6 months (or up to 12 months if accompanying an academic visitor). This includes children who wish […]

7 mins read