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Tier 1 2 3 4 5

UK Tier 1 2 3 4 5 Guide

Tier 1 – Highly Skilled Worker
The highly skilled worker category is designed to allow highly skilled people to come to the United Kingdom to look for work or self-employment opportunities. These given tier categories are related to Tier 1 UK Visa category. Tier 1 general applicant | Tier 1 investor | Tier 1 entrepreneur | Tier 1 post study applicant |
Tier 2 – Skilled Worker The new category of  tier 2 of the new points based UK immigration service have now replaced UK work permits and applies to medium and highly skilled workers (also called sponsor worker) want to come UK who have an offer from a UK sponsoring company in place. But remember that if you are a Bulgarian or Romanian national, you may need a work permit. It’s a important note for you. More catagories which are related to Tier 2 are given below.
Tier 2 General | Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer | Tier 2 Sports People | Tier 2 Ministers of Religion
Tier 3 – Low Skilled Worker This new tier category is for low skilled workers filling specific temporary labuor shortages, like construction workers for a particular project; which covers low-skilled routes, is suspended and will only be used if specific shortages are identified that cannot be filled from the UK’s domestic or European labour force.
Tier 4 – UK Student Visa This is a  guidance page for those  applicants who are resident outside the United Kingdom.  It page also explains what you need to do if you wish to come to the United Kingdom (UK) either as an Adult (General) Student or (Child) Student under Tier 4 of the Points Based System.
Tier 5 – Youth Mobility Scheme Temporary Worker The youth mobility scheme is for young people from participating countries who would like to experience life in the United Kingdom. these are it’s categories.
Tier 5 Creative and Sporting | Tier 5 Government Authorities Exchange | Tier 5 International Agreement | Tier 5 Religious Worker | Tier 5 Charities Worker | Tier 5 Youth Mobility

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