Decide to travel to Russia?
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Decide to travel to Russia?

Though traveling to Russia is simple you should be aware of the things that are to be prepared in advance in order not to face the problems after you have flown to this magnificent country. First of all, you should decide on your journey: either it will be a voyage and in this case you will need to order a Russia river cruise on Volga or any other river; or it can be a flight to both the capitals – Moscow and St.Petersburg.

The latter option requires pre-booking in hotels and if you decide to go on and visit all the monuments and places of interest you should book the hotels within the center of the cities. Indeed, it wonot be cheap but it is better than to travel to the places of interest by public transport. You can definitely take a taxi but this will cost you a fortune unless you know Russian and can assure taxi-drivers that you are not a foreigner. But all this should be done after you get a visa to Russia . Though nowadays it is much easier to get a permission to enter Russia there still might be issues that you will be unaware of. That is why you need a proper consultation before filing the papers and sending them to the consulate. The best option is to refer to travel agencies that are accredited by Russian Consulate and that can do all this stuff for you like filing documents for travel, business and fiancee visas.

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