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Working Holiday Maker

Working Holiday Maker visa scheme allows a Commonwealth citizen aged b/c Seventeen and thirteen (inclusive) to immigrate to the UK for an extended holiday of up to two years, with the intention of taking paid work in Britain as a part of their working holiday visa.

More Detail:
Since Feb-2005, this scheme has been going towards making the service undertaken incidental to the holiday of which it forms a part, and not the key reason behind this Working Holiday Maker UK visa application. As a result, candidates may only work for 12 out of the 24 months duration decided.

In addition you may only switch to a UK work permit application if the occupation in which you have a job offer features on the Skills deficiency Occupation List. Though, switching to the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme is still permitted.

The governments of Japan and UK now run a Working Holiday scheme, which give wider opportunities, especially for young people to experience the culture and general way of life of the other country for the purpose of promoting greater mutual understanding between Japan and the United Kingdom. This scheme makes it possible for citizens of one country to enter the other primarily for a holiday over an extended period and to be able to take work incidental to their holiday in order to supplement their travel funds.

Working Holiday Maker visa, British citizens need not get further permission to connect in remunerative activities while in Japan, provided these activities do not contravene Japanese laws and policies, particularly those regulating businesses offering food and entertainment as well as any other regulations in force which affect public order and good morals.

Validity: 2 years

You are eligible to apply for Working Holiday Maker visa if you are a citizen of a Commonwealth country and are aged between 17 and 30 years inclusively.

Other Requirements:

  • You must be single, or married to someone also eligible for a working holiday visa and plan to take a working holiday with you,
  • You must not have dependent children aged five or over during your stay in the UK,
  • You must show proof of sufficient funds in your bank account. UK Immigration does not identify how much 'sufficient funds' are. However, the idea is to show that you won't get into financial trouble and rely on public funds to maintain you. You can do this best by having round about 2500 GBP (AUS$6000) and a return ticket. If you only have a one-way ticket, you will need to have more funds in your bank account.

Visa Fee:
        Home office has announced the officially fee of Working holiday maker visa
        which is 205 pound.

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